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Highlights of 0.8.21h

SWT Support

The big highlight of this version is SWT support. There's so much to say that we cover this in a separate SWT page.


New Repl abstraction

New command line

Darius' Smallcaps changes integrated


Map Pattern

See MarkM's message Map Pattern Syntax.

Experimental exporter / importer syntax

Experimental accumulator syntax

interface (e.enable.typedef)

implements (e.enable.auditors)

Java matchers -- thanks, Darius

Renamed: traceln

Bugs Fixed

Term-tree lexer mishandling of dollar signs
Term-tree data coercion forgot to shorten promise chain
try-catch catching escapes
Ejector not disabled if escape-pattern doesn't match

Term Data Conversion & Bug

? term`${"foo"}(${"bar"}, .String.${"baz"}, $true, $false,
>               $null, ${'c'}, ${9}, ${2.3})`
# value: term`foo(bar, "baz", true, false, \
#                 null, 'c', 9, 2.3)`


Pretty Printing Fixed

E_USER_HOME -- erc

Octal no longer supported



:[int, String]

Miranda method renaming

getOptMeta dead

__yourself deprecated

new __conformTo/1


Syntax turned on, official part of language

Not yet fully implemented but useful

Module vs interface scoping problem

Java interfaces are either Markers or rubber stamps

Default auditor behavior is now Gozarian

Removed Deprecated

PromiseMaker(), makePromise(), -> Ref.promise()

SturdyRef.liveRef(), SturdyRef.promiseRef() -> SturdyRef.getRcvr()

e.ListenAddress -> e.ListenAddressPath

e.interp.interactive -> use "--interact" option.

Various unused & deprecated tracing methods is retired. It used to allow (optionally enable) the deprecated behavior of mapping Java constructors to "new" methods in addition to "run" methods. This existed in order to survive a transition which we have now survived., ..) ->, ..)

makeBrand.pair(name) -> makeBrandPair(name)

Unless stated otherwise, all text on this page which is either unattributed or by Mark S. Miller is hereby placed in the public domain.
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