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Highlights of 0.8.37f

Non-Upwards Compatible Changes

New features

Deprecated features

Bugs Addressed

Non-Upwards Compatible Changes
Resolution Thanks to...
Change slot protocol

getValue/0, setValue/1 are deprecated and replaced with get/0, put/1.

Kevin Reid

The control abstractions need simple names

For example, '__if' is renamed 'if'. Since that's a keyword, you must write:

Kevin Reid
Change term-tree coercion rules

Only tags can serve as functors.

Strings in other positions convert to term-strings rather than tags.

E. Dean Tribble
Rename Guard, ValueGuard There is now only Guard, and it is as simple as the old ValueGuard.

E. Dean Tribble,
Kevin Reid

New features
Adding Reactor to Lamport Slot without immediate send? An EverReactor now also responds to getCurrent() with a pair of the current value and the current generation number. Martin Scheffler,
Kevin Reid
Guards in elib.slot now respond to call-pattern protocol. As shown in the new guardMatching.updoc Kevin Reid
Need sash powerbox example Check out the new esrc/scripts/sash.e and the sash plugins in the sash/ subdirectory Marc Stiegler,
Matej Kosik
New guards cannot be DeepFrozen Introduced the via pattern to separate general pattern transformer functions from guards per se.

Kevin Reid,
E. Dean Tribble,
e-lang discussion

Need pragma.syntax/1 support We have it and are using it  
Deprecated features
Deprecate thunk and hard-when

All "thunk" should be replaced with "fn"

The when-catch should be written with no explicit done function (the easy-when style).

Marc Stiegler
Bugs Fixed
parsing with no trailing newline has strange results fixed Kevin Reid
makeStoneCast exposes bad internal coercion fixed Kevin Reid
Loosen some Java types of Miranda methods fixed Kevin Reid
such-that pattern needs a more lenient expression production fixed  
Can't build with Java1.5 fixed Steve Jenson
interp.setTopScope has no effect fixed Kevin Reid
rune -.<ext> doesn't work as promised fixed Kevin Reid
Quasi-term matching ignores different data fixed Kevin Reid
Unless stated otherwise, all text on this page which is either unattributed or by Mark S. Miller is hereby placed in the public domain.
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