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Highlights of 0.9.1b

Non-Upwards Compatible Changes

New features

Deprecated features

Bugs Addressed

Non-Upwards Compatible Changes
Resolution Thanks to...
  Change lambda-args expansion The experimental lambda-args expansion now adds an additional ejector argument. The makeSeries.emaker package has been modified to conform to these conventions. Kevin Reid
  Missing serialVersionUIDs All Java classes in E-on-Java which implement Serializable now have their own serialVersionUID. This makes them CapTP-serialization incompatible with previous versions of E-on-Java, but enhances compatibility across future versions. Kevin Reid
E. Dean Tribble
  Default newline is now canonical The E-on-Java file IO libraries now output "\n" on all platforms.  
New features
  PassByConstruction is now available for E objects

An object declared as, for example

def foo implements pbc {
    to __optUncall() { return [1, "add", [2]] }
    # ...

will be passed-by-construction across CapTP. This means that its __optUncall() method will be called on the sending side, the elements of the result triple will be passed, and the corresponding triple as received will be called (here, as “, "add", [2])”) to create the object as received.

Kevin Reid
  Need pseudo-safe traceln as universal logger The safeScope now provides a println-like traceln function for logging debugging output to the tracelog. This output is quoted using email quoting syntax, to identify the fully-qualified name of the module it came from. Marc Stiegler
  Adding Reactor to Lamport Slot without immediate send? Added a getCurrent() method which returns a pair of the current value and its generation number Martin Scheffler
Kevin Reid
  Need sash powerbox example sash.e in src/esrc/scripts
*.sash plugins in scripts/sash/
Marc Stiegler
Matej Kosik
Deprecated features
  seedVat/2 and similar are confusing These are not yet marked as deprecated in the code, but probably will be in the next release candidate. As Kevin suggests, we will probably continue to offer the current functionality through new non-deprecated methods with more explicit names. Kevin Reid
Bugs Fixed
  Need better bind-pattern objdef expansion

"bind foo {}" now expands to "bind foo := {def foo {}}".

Kevin Reid
  Match-bind expression restricts specimen

A match-bind expression such as "(def x := 1) =~ []" is now expanded so that the binding of x is available afterwards, whether the match succeeds or fails.

Kevin Reid
  Shouldn't trace lost connection at warning level Lost connections are now always traced at debug level. Deliberate or not is now distinguished only by the traced text. Martin Scheffler
  bug in makeCaretaker.emaker As Martin proposed, we guard the forwarding of __reactToLostClient/1 with a broken reference check. Martin Scheffler
  SturdyRefs fails to print When off the air, they now print as <SturdyRef> Kevin Reid
  parsing with no trailing newline has strange results Fixed Kevin Reid
Unless stated otherwise, all text on this page which is either unattributed or by Mark S. Miller is hereby placed in the public domain.
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