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The sources for the version of Horton written in Java are maintained in Subversion. If you have a subversion client, you can check out the latest Horton sources by doing, for example,

$ svn co svn:// horton

This Horton depends on Joe-E and the Waterken ref_send library. (The ref_send download includes the Joe-E libraries we need.) Horton should be compatible with the Waterken web server, and successfully operate in a distributed fashion, but we have not yet tested this.

Horton itself and the ref_send library all pass the Joe-E verifier, and so are in the object-capability-safe subset of Java.

The included Horton test case depends on Sash, a simple powerbox written in unsafe Java, in order to provide initial authorities to a Joe-E/Sash plugin. The Horton test is written as a Joe-E/Sash plugin. You can get the latest Sash by doing

$ svn co svn:// sash

With the TortoiseSVN client, you can simply click on the svn: links above to check out these source trees.

A zip of a snapshot of the Horton and Sash sources no older than May 15. 2007 can be found at

A tutorial presentation by successive refinement of Horton in E can be found here.

The Horton paper in PDF.

Obtain the current LaTeX sources for the Horton paper by doing

$ svn co svn:// horton-paper

or download a snapshot no older than May 15, 2007 from

Unless stated otherwise, all text on this page which is either unattributed or by Mark S. Miller is hereby placed in the public domain.
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