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E Licenses

The original license on E, at, is a Mozilla license. It has been reproduced in full here at the request of This license continues to cover many of the E source files.

E contains code derived from the Cryptix library -- an open-source strong-crypto library written in Java. This code is covered by the Cryptix General License, which is the standard Berkeley license without the hated advertising clause.

E contains BYacc/Java from Bob Jamison and others. BYacc/Java is the Berkeley Yacc program extended with a "-j" flag and others for producing Java output. BYacc/Java is covered by the Berkeley license.

E contains the OroMatcher library -- a Java implementation of a Perl5-compatible regular expression engine. E uses OroMatcher as distributed by the Apache foundation, and covered by the Apache license.

E contains the file e-mode.el, an emacs mode for editing E code, written by Will Glozer, and generously placed by him in the public domain.

E contains the Antlr parser generator, placed in the public domain with the exception of the method Tool.copyFile(String, String), which is open sourced by the following license text:

/** This example is from the book _Java in a Nutshell_ by David
 * Flanagan.  Written by David Flanagan.  Copyright (c) 1996
 * O'Reilly & Associates.  You may study, use, modify, and
 * distribute this example for any purpose.  This example is
 * provided WITHOUT WARRANTY either expressed or implied.  */

E contains three deprecated (by E) XML-DOM Tree classes, Element, Node, and Text, are derived from classes of the same name in the W3C's DOM Tree code, covered by the W3C License.

Many remaining source files in this release are copyright Combex, Inc., and are open sourced with the MIT X license. Some of E's installer code here derives from code contibuted by Mark Shepard and generously placed in the public domain by him. Thanks!

If you see any files not covered by one of the above cases, let us know. If we can, we will place it under the MIT X license. If for some reason we can't, we will either ensure that it is under some open source license, or we will remove it from later versions of the E distribution.

  Creative Commons License
This page is itself licensed under the Creative Commons "Attribution" License.

This is my first experiment with a Creative Commons license. The Attribution license seems to be their least restrictive one. Is this license compatible with the spirit of open source? If you don't think so, or if you have any other objections or cautions, please let me, the, know. If I don't hear any causes for concern, I expect to apply this license to all web pages at that aren't constrained by other agreements.

Unless stated otherwise, all text on this page which is either unattributed or by Mark S. Miller is hereby placed in the public domain.
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