Package java.awt.dnd

Interface Summary
Autoscroll Unsafe:
DragGestureListener Safe:
DragSourceListener Safe:
DragSourceMotionListener Untamed: A listener interface for receiving mouse motion events during a drag operation.
DropTargetListener Safe:

Class Summary
DnDConstants Safe: This class contains constant values representing the type of action(s) to be performed by a Drag and Drop operation.
DnDEventMulticaster A class extends AWTEventMulticaster to implement efficient and thread-safe multi-cast event dispatching for the drag-and-drop events defined in the java.awt.dnd package.
DragGestureEvent Safe:
DragGestureRecognizer Safe: The DragGestureRecognizer is an abstract base class for the specification of a platform-dependent listener that can be associated with a particular Component in order to identify platform-dependent drag initiating gestures.
DragSource Unsafe:
DragSourceAdapter Unsafe: An abstract adapter class for receiving drag source events.
DragSourceContext Safe:
DragSourceDragEvent Safe:
DragSourceDropEvent Safe:
DragSourceEvent Unsafe: This class is the base class for DragSourceDragEvent and DragSourceDropEvent.
DropTarget Unsafe:
DropTargetAdapter Unsafe: An abstract adapter class for receiving drop target events.
DropTargetContext Safe: A DropTargetContext is created whenever the logical cursor associated with a Drag and Drop operation coincides with the visible geometry of a Component associated with a DropTarget.
DropTargetDragEvent Safe:
DropTargetDropEvent Safe:
DropTargetEvent Unsafe: The DropTargetEvent is the base class for both the DropTargetDragEvent and the DropTargetDropEvent.
MouseDragGestureRecognizer Safe: This abstract subclass of DragGestureRecognizer defines a DragGestureRecognizer for mouse based gestures.
SerializationTester Tests if an object can truly be serialized by serializing it to a null OutputStream.

Exception Summary
InvalidDnDOperationException Untamed: This exception is thrown by various methods in the java.awt.dnd package.