Interface DomainCombiner

public interface DomainCombiner


Method Summary
 ProtectionDomain[] combine(ProtectionDomain[] currentDomains, ProtectionDomain[] assignedDomains)
          Enabled: Modify or update the provided ProtectionDomains.

Method Detail


public ProtectionDomain[] combine(ProtectionDomain[] currentDomains,
                                  ProtectionDomain[] assignedDomains)
Enabled: Modify or update the provided ProtectionDomains. ProtectionDomains may be added to or removed from the given ProtectionDomains. The ProtectionDomains may be re-ordered. Individual ProtectionDomains may be may be modified (with a new set of Permissions, for example).

currentDomains - the ProtectionDomains associated with the current execution Thread, up to the most recent privileged ProtectionDomain. The ProtectionDomains are are listed in order of execution, with the most recently executing ProtectionDomain residing at the beginning of the array. This parameter may be null if the current execution Thread has no associated ProtectionDomains.

assignedDomains - an array of inherited ProtectionDomains. ProtectionDomains may be inherited from a parent Thread, or from a privileged AccessControlContext. This parameter may be null if there are no inherited ProtectionDomains.
a new array consisting of the updated ProtectionDomains, or null.