Package javax.accessibility

Interface Summary
Accessible Safe:
AccessibleAction Untamed:
AccessibleComponent Untamed:
AccessibleEditableText Untamed:
AccessibleExtendedComponent Untamed:
AccessibleExtendedTable Untamed: Class AccessibleExtendedTable provides extended information about a user-interface component that presents data in a two-dimensional table format.
AccessibleHypertext Untamed:
AccessibleIcon Untamed:
AccessibleKeyBinding Untamed:
AccessibleSelection Untamed:
AccessibleTable Untamed:
AccessibleTableModelChange Untamed: The AccessibleTableModelChange interface describes a change to the table model.
AccessibleText Untamed:
AccessibleValue Untamed:

Class Summary
AccessibleBundle Untamed:
AccessibleContext Untamed:
AccessibleHyperlink Untamed:
AccessibleRelation Untamed:
AccessibleRelationSet Untamed:
AccessibleResourceBundle Deprecated. This class is deprecated as of version 1.3 of the Java 2 Platform.
AccessibleRole Untamed:
AccessibleState Untamed:
AccessibleStateSet Untamed: