Package javax.swing.text

Interface Summary
AttributeSet Unsafe:
Caret Unsafe:
Document Unsafe:
Element Unsafe:
Highlighter Unsafe:
Keymap Unsafe:
MutableAttributeSet Unsafe:
Position Unsafe:
Style Unsafe:
StyledDocument Unsafe:
TabableView Unsafe: Interface for Views that have size dependent upon tabs.
TabExpander Unsafe: Simple interface to allow for different types of implementations of tab expansion.
ViewFactory Unsafe:

Class Summary
AbstractDocument Safe: An implementation of the document interface to serve as a basis for implementing various kinds of documents.
AbstractWriter Safe: AbstractWriter is an abstract class that actually does the work of writing out the element tree including the attributes.
AsyncBoxView Unsafe: A box that does layout asynchronously.
BoxView Safe: A view that arranges its children into a box shape by tiling its children along an axis.
ComponentView Safe: Component decorator that implements the view interface.
CompositeView Safe: CompositeView is an abstract View implementation which manages one or more child views.
DateFormatter Safe: DateFormatter is an InternationalFormatter that does its formatting by way of an instance of java.text.DateFormat.
DefaultCaret Safe: A default implementation of Caret.
DefaultEditorKit Safe: This is the set of things needed by a text component to be a reasonably functioning editor for some type of text document.
DefaultFormatter Safe: DefaultFormatter formats aribtrary objects.
DefaultFormatterFactory Safe: An implementation of JFormattedTextField.AbstractFormatterFactory.
DefaultHighlighter Safe: Implements the Highlighter interfaces.
DefaultStyledDocument Safe: A document that can be marked up with character and paragraph styles in a manner similar to the Rich Text Format.
DefaultTextUI Deprecated.  
DocumentFilter Safe:
EditorKit Safe:
ElementIterator Safe:
FieldView Safe: Extends the multi-line plain text view to be suitable for a single-line editor view.
FlowView Safe: A View that tries to flow it's children into some partially constrained space.
GapContent Safe: An implementation of the AbstractDocument.Content interface implemented using a gapped buffer similar to that used by emacs.
GapVector An implementation of a gapped buffer similar to that used by emacs.
GlyphPainter1 A class to perform rendering of the glyphs.
GlyphPainter2 A class to perform rendering of the glyphs.
GlyphView Safe: A GlyphView is a styled chunk of text that represents a view mapped over an element in the text model.
IconView Safe: Icon decorator that implements the view interface.
InternationalFormatter Safe: InternationalFormatter extends DefaultFormatter, using an instance of java.text.Format to handle the conversion to a String, and the conversion from a String.
JTextComponent Safe: JTextComponent is the base class for swing text components.
LabelView Safe: A LabelView is a styled chunk of text that represents a view mapped over an element in the text model.
LayeredHighlighter Unsafe:
LayoutQueue Safe:
MaskFormatter Safe: MaskFormatter is used to format and edit strings.
NavigationFilter Safe:
NumberFormatter Safe: NumberFormatter subclasses InternationalFormatter adding special behavior for numbers.
ParagraphView Safe: View of a simple line-wrapping paragraph that supports multiple fonts, colors, components, icons, etc.
PasswordView Safe: Implements a View suitable for use in JPasswordField UI implementations.
PlainDocument Safe: A plain document that maintains no character attributes.
PlainView Safe: Implements View interface for a simple multi-line text view that has text in one font and color.
Segment Safe:
SegmentCache SegmentCache caches Segments to avoid continually creating and destroying of Segments.
SimpleAttributeSet Safe:
StringContent Safe: An implementation of the AbstractDocument.Content interface that is a brute force implementation that is useful for relatively small documents and/or debugging.
StyleConstants Unsafe:
StyleContext Safe:
StyledEditorKit Safe:
TableView Unsafe:
TabSet Safe:
TabStop Safe:
TextAction Unsafe: An Action implementation useful for key bindings that are shared across a number of different text components.
TextLayoutStrategy A flow strategy that uses java.awt.font.LineBreakMeasureer to produce java.awt.font.TextLayout for i18n capable rendering.
Utilities Safe: A collection of methods to deal with various text related activities.
View Safe:
WrappedPlainView Safe: View of plain text (text with only one font and color) that does line-wrapping.
ZoneView Safe: ZoneView is a View implementation that creates zones for which the child views are not created or stored until they are needed for display or model/view translations.

Exception Summary
BadLocationException Untamed: This exception is to report bad locations within a document model (that is, attempts to reference a location that doesn't exist).
ChangedCharSetException Untamed: ChangedCharSetException as the name indicates is an exception thrown when the charset is changed.

Error Summary
StateInvariantError This exception is to report the failure of state invarient assertion that was made.