Class ByteArrayTransfer

Direct Known Subclasses:
FileTransfer, RTFTransfer, TextTransfer

public abstract class ByteArrayTransfer
extends Transfer

Untamed: The class ByteArrayTransfer provides a platform specific mechanism for converting a java byte[] to a platform specific representation of the byte array and vice versa. See Transfer for additional information.

ByteArrayTransfer is never used directly but is sub-classed by transfer agents that convert between data in a java format such as a String and a platform specific byte array.

If the data you are converting does not map to a byte[], you should sub-class Transfer directly and do your own mapping to a platform data type.

The following snippet shows a sublcass of ByteArrayTransfer that transfers data defined by the class MyType.

 public class MyType {
	public String fileName;
	public long fileLength;
	public long lastModified;
 public class MyTypeTransfer extends ByteArrayTransfer {
	private static final String MYTYPENAME = "my_type_name";
	private static final int MYTYPEID = registerType(MYTYPENAME);
	private static MyTypeTransfer _instance = new MyTypeTransfer();
 private MyTypeTransfer() {}
 public static MyTypeTransfer getInstance () {
 	return _instance;
 public void javaToNative (Object object, TransferData transferData) {
 	if (object == null || !(object instanceof MyType[])) return;
 	if (isSupportedType(transferData)) {
 		MyType[] myTypes = (MyType[]) object;	
 		try {
 			// write data to a byte array and then ask super to convert to pMedium
 			ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
 			DataOutputStream writeOut = new DataOutputStream(out);
 			for (int i = 0, length = myTypes.length; i < length;  i++){
 				byte[] buffer = myTypes[i].fileName.getBytes();
 			byte[] buffer = out.toByteArray();
 			super.javaToNative(buffer, transferData);
 		} catch (IOException e) {
 public Object nativeToJava(TransferData transferData){	
 	if (isSupportedType(transferData)) {
 		byte[] buffer = (byte[])super.nativeToJava(transferData);
 		if (buffer == null) return null;
 		MyType[] myData = new MyType[0];
 		try {
 			ByteArrayInputStream in = new ByteArrayInputStream(buffer);
 			DataInputStream readIn = new DataInputStream(in);
 			while(readIn.available() > 20) {
 				MyType datum = new MyType();
 				int size = readIn.readInt();
 				byte[] name = new byte[size];;
 				datum.fileName = new String(name);
 				datum.fileLength = readIn.readLong();
 				datum.lastModified = readIn.readLong();
 				MyType[] newMyData = new MyType[myData.length + 1];
 				System.arraycopy(myData, 0, newMyData, 0, myData.length);
 				newMyData[myData.length] = datum;
 				myData = newMyData;
 		} catch (IOException ex) {
 			return null;
 		return myData;
 	return null;
 protected String[] getTypeNames(){
 	return new String[]{MYTYPENAME};
 protected int[] getTypeIds(){
 	return new int[] {MYTYPEID};

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 TransferData[] getSupportedTypes()
 boolean isSupportedType(TransferData transferData)
protected  void javaToNative(Object object, TransferData transferData)
          This implementation of javaToNative converts a java byte[] to a platform specific representation.
protected  Object nativeToJava(TransferData transferData)
          This implementation of nativeToJava converts a platform specific representation of a byte array to a java byte[].
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getTypeIds, getTypeNames, registerType
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Constructor Detail


public ByteArrayTransfer()

Method Detail


public TransferData[] getSupportedTypes()

Specified by:
getSupportedTypes in class Transfer
a list of the data types that can be converted using this transfer agent


public boolean isSupportedType(TransferData transferData)

Specified by:
isSupportedType in class Transfer
transferData - a platform specific description of a data type; only the data type fields of the TransferData object need to be filled in
true if the transferData data type can be converted using this transfer agent


protected void javaToNative(Object object,
                            TransferData transferData)
This implementation of javaToNative converts a java byte[] to a platform specific representation. For additional information see Transfer#javaToNative.

Specified by:
javaToNative in class Transfer
object - a java byte[] containing the data to be converted
transferData - an empty TransferData object; this object will be filled in on return with the platform specific format of the data
See Also:
Transfer.javaToNative(java.lang.Object, org.eclipse.swt.dnd.TransferData)


protected Object nativeToJava(TransferData transferData)
This implementation of nativeToJava converts a platform specific representation of a byte array to a java byte[]. For additional information see Transfer#nativeToJava.

Specified by:
nativeToJava in class Transfer
transferData - the platform specific representation of the data to be been converted
a java byte[] containing the converted data if the conversion was successful; otherwise null
See Also: