SWT graphics classes.


Interface Summary
Drawable Unsafe:
ImageLoaderListener Unsafe: Classes which implement this interface provide methods that deal with the incremental loading of image data.

Class Summary
Color Safe:
Cursor Safe: Instances of this class manage operating system resources that specify the appearance of the on-screen pointer.
Device Unsafe: This class is the abstract superclass of all device objects, such as the Display device and the Printer device.
DeviceData Unsafe:
Font Safe:
FontData Safe:
FontMetrics Safe:
GC Unsafe:
GCData Unsafe:
Image Safe:
ImageData Unsafe:
ImageLoader Unsafe:
ImageLoaderEvent Unsafe:
PaletteData Unsafe:
Point Safe:
Rectangle Safe:
Region Unsafe:
RGB Safe: Instances of this class are descriptions of colors in terms of the primary additive color model (red, green and blue).

Package Description

SWT graphics classes.

Package Specification

This package provides the classes which implement points, rectangles, regions, colors, cursors, fonts, graphics contexts (that is, GCs) where most of the primitive drawing operations are implemented, and images including both the code for displaying them and the public API for loading/saving them.