Package org.erights.e.elang.interp

The top of the E interpreter.


Interface Summary
CmdLoop Untamed:
ControlLoop Untamed:
LoopBody Untamed: A no-argument, boolean returning function.

Class Summary
Comparer Untamed:
Help Untamed: Implements the E help command
ImportLoader The Loader bound to import__uriGetter.
Interp Untamed: @deprecated Use Rune
LazyEvalSlot Untamed: Exists to allow delaying the work of really importing during ScopeSetup, while also allowing the imported things to be in the scope they are defining.
Loop Safe: An StaticMaker on this class is the function named "__loop" in the universalScope (and therefore also in the safeScope).
MetaRune Untamed: Used to install, and as a "rune" driver for rune-ing a spawned jvm.
PackageLoader The subtree of a Loader under a package-prefix.
ProtocolDesc Safe: A type description object, as would be created by an interface expression.
ResourceUriGetter Untamed: Bound to resource__uriGetter in the safe scope
Rune Untamed: The main, non-interactive, E read-eval interpreter loop.
ScopeSetup Untamed: The initial namespaces seen by the E language programmer.
TypeLoader The Loader bound to type__uriGetter in the safe scope.
UnsafeLoader The Loader bound to unsafe__uriGetter.
URLGetter Untamed: An instance of this exists for each of the standard URL protocol, and is bound to corresponding protocol name.

Package org.erights.e.elang.interp Description

The top of the E interpreter.

Mark S. Miller