Package org.erights.e.elib.base

Support for the rest of ELib


Interface Summary
Callable Untamed: Objects that handle E messages themselves.
Script Untamed:
Thunk Untamed:

Class Summary
ClassDesc Untamed: Describes the E-type of instances of a Java class (and its subclasses).
Ejection Untamed:
Ejector Untamed: An Ejector implements a non-local exit construct that can return a value.
MessageDesc Safe:
MethodNode Untamed: An element of a VTable
ParamDesc Safe: Documents the name and type of a parameter
SourceSpan Untamed: A description of where a particular piece of Twine came from, such as a range of source code, suitable for use by a debugger.
TypeDesc Untamed: A type description object, as would be created by an "implements" expression.

Package org.erights.e.elib.base Description

Support for the rest of ELib

Mark S. Miller