Interface Amplifiable

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EImpl, Ref, ROList, ROMap, StaticMaker, SwissRetainer

public interface Amplifiable

Untamed: The universal rights amplification protocol. Objects that implement this directly can be amplified without going through

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Mark S. Miller

Method Summary
 SealedBox optSealedDispatch(Brand brand)
          Enabled: Dispatch on the brand.

Method Detail


public SealedBox optSealedDispatch(Brand brand)
Enabled: Dispatch on the brand.

If the brand is not one you recognize, return null. Otherwise, return a box sealed by the sealer of this brand containing something you are willing to reveal to someone holding the unsealer of this brand, and which you think they want, given that they used this brand in this request. The brand identity, therefore, also conveys the meaning of the request, very much like message names do.

Use Ref.optSealedDispatch(ref, brand) rather than ref.optSealedDispatch(brand).