Class FactoryURLClassLoader


final class FactoryURLClassLoader
extends URLClassLoader

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
(package private) FactoryURLClassLoader(URL[] urls)
(package private) FactoryURLClassLoader(URL[] urls, ClassLoader parent)
Method Summary
 Class loadClass(String name, boolean resolve)
          Loads the class with the specified name.
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Constructor Detail


FactoryURLClassLoader(URL[] urls,
                      ClassLoader parent)


FactoryURLClassLoader(URL[] urls)
Method Detail


public final Class loadClass(String name,
                             boolean resolve)
                      throws ClassNotFoundException
Description copied from class: ClassLoader
Loads the class with the specified name. The default implementation of this method searches for classes in the following order:

  1. Call ClassLoader.findLoadedClass(String) to check if the class has already been loaded.

  2. Call the loadClass method on the parent class loader. If the parent is null the class loader built-in to the virtual machine is used, instead.

  3. Call the ClassLoader.findClass(String) method to find the class.

If the class was found using the above steps, and the resolve flag is true, this method will then call the ClassLoader.resolveClass(Class) method on the resulting class object.

From the Java 2 SDK, v1.2, subclasses of ClassLoader are encouraged to override ClassLoader.findClass(String), rather than this method.

loadClass in class ClassLoader
name - the name of the class
resolve - if true then resolve the class
the resulting Class object