Package org.erights.e.elib.prim

The core ELib package.


Interface Summary
JMatcher Untamed: Non-public classes that would introduce a public matcher should instead implement JMatcher so that their match method is actually public.

Class Summary
CallThunk When run(), it does the described E.callAll()
ConstructorNode Turns a java constructor into a "run" method on the corresponding StaticMaker, as seen thru*() and E.send*().
E Safe: This class is most of the normal application programmer's API to the ELib functionality.
InstanceMethodNode How a java instance method is installed in a VTable
JavaInstanceMatcher Untamed:
JavaMatcher Untamed: Abstract superclass of all the CRAPI-based wrappers of java.lang.reflect.Methods representing matchers for installing them in VTables as matchers.
JavaMemberNode Untamed: Abstract superclass of all the CRAPI-based wrappers of java.lang.reflect.Members for installing them in VTables as MethodNodes.
JavaStaticMatcher Untamed:
JavaSugarMatcher Untamed:
Message Untamed:
MirandaMethods Untamed: A sweetener defining default behavior for messages that may be e-called or e-sent to any methodical object.
OverloaderNode Untamed: Wraps a set of JavaMemberNodes with the same message name and arity, and dispatches to the unique one for which the current arguments coerce to its parameter list.
SafeJ Untamed:
ScriptMaker Untamed: From a Java class, obtain a corresponding Script enabling its tamed behavior to be invoked from ELib.
StaticMaker Untamed:
StaticMethodNode Untamed: How a java static is made to appear as an instance method of an StaticMaker when seen thru*() or E.send*().
SugarMethodNode Untamed: How a static method of a sugar class is made to appear as an instance method of an instance of the class being sugarred.
Thrower Safe: An StaticMaker on this class is the function named "throw" in the universalScope (and therefore also in the safeScope).
VarGetterNode A java public instance variable becomes an E zero-arg method which reads its value
VarSetterNode A java public non-final instance variable becomes a one argument method for setting its value
VTable Untamed: E's mechanism for method dispatch

Package org.erights.e.elib.prim Description

The core ELib package.

The class E is the core interface used by the ELib programmer.

Mark S. Miller