Package org.erights.e.elib.tables

E's built in collection classes.


Interface Summary
ArrayedList Collections implement this to reveal their internal array to their trusted fellow package members.
AssocFunc Untamed:
CompFunc Untamed:
Iteratable Untamed: The operation assumed by E's for-loop.
Selfless Untamed: Selfless objects have no eq-identity -- only value-based identity.

Class Summary
ArrayHelper Untamed: Dangerous, for use by trusted code only.
AtomicTwine A Twine which can describe itself without breaking itself up into smaller Twines.
Column A column of a FlexMapImpl.
CompositeTwine A Twine composed of a sequence of two or more AtomicTwines.
ConstList Safe: A ConstList is an immutable list that simplifies to an array or String, which is Selfless and pass by construction.
ConstMap Safe:
ConstSet Untamed:
ConstSubclassSet Untamed:
EList Safe: A EList is a sequence of values.
EMap Safe: A EMap is a finite single-valued map from keys to values.
EmptyTwine Untamed: The canonical empty Twine.
Equalizer Untamed: Implements E's sameness semantics, which should be used only through the Ref class.
ESet Untamed: A wrapper around an EMap, whose set-elements are the keys of the EMap.
FlexBijection Deprecated. You should probably use FlexTrijection instead, and we should eventually probably kill FlexBijection.
FlexList Safe:
FlexListImpl FlexList extends EList with mutation operations.
FlexMap Safe: A modifiable map.
FlexMapImpl An implementation of FlexMap by MarkM & Sidney, based on an earlier design by Dan.
FlexSet Untamed:
FlexTrijection Safe: A mutable single valued mapping whose <>trijective inverse is also a mutable single valued mapping.
IdentityCacheTable Untamed:
IdentityMap Untamed:
IndirectCompFunc Created with knowledge of an underlying array that must remain stable during the sort (or whatever), and of a comparison function to be applied to elements of that array.
IntTable Untamed: An optimization to provide a non-boxing protocol for int gets and puts.
KeyColumn Based on the GenericHashtable in the vat by Dan Bornstein
LocatedTwine A Twine containing only a non-empty String and corresponding source-span info.
ROList A ROList gives read-only access to an underlying potentially mutable list.
ROMap A ROMap gives read-only access to an underlying potentially mutable map.
SamenessKeyColumn Compares using Equalizer.same() and Equalizer.samenessHash()
SimpleCompFunc Compares using the natural ordering
SimpleTwine A Twine containing only a non-empty String.
TraversalKey Safe: Wraps a possibly unsettled base reference, in order to be able to use it as key in an EMap for purposes of traversal.
Twine Untamed:
WeakKey Used to implement a key in a WeakKeyMap implementation by being a key in a FlexMap.
WeakKeyMap Untamed: A WeakKeyMap is a FlexMap whose keys may be garbage collected.
WeakValue Used to implement a key in a WeakValueMap implementation by being a value in a FlexMap.
WeakValueMap Untamed: A WeakValueMap is FlexMap whose values may be garbage collected.

Exception Summary
NotSettledException Untamed: An object whose identity had not yet settled was used in a context that requires a settled object.

Package org.erights.e.elib.tables Description

E's built in collection classes.

This may eventually be replaced with Hydro, at which time we will explain a strategy for preserving old code that uses this package.

Mark S. Miller, Dan Bornstein, Sidney Markowitz