Class TwineException

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public class TwineException
extends RuntimeException

Safe: If an E program throws a non-Exception object, a TwineException or RuntimeException is actually thrown using E.toTwine(problem) to convert the object into the exception's message.

Mark S. Miller
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Field Summary
private  Twine myTwineMsg
Fields inherited from class java.lang.RuntimeException
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Constructor Summary
private TwineException(String bareMsg, Twine msg)
Method Summary
 void __printOn(TextWriter out)
          Enabled: A TwineException just prints as 'problem: '
static RuntimeException make(Twine msg)
          Enabled: If the message is a simple String, then just use a RuntimeException.
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Field Detail


private final Twine myTwineMsg
Constructor Detail


private TwineException(String bareMsg,
                       Twine msg)
Method Detail


public static RuntimeException make(Twine msg)
Enabled: If the message is a simple String, then just use a RuntimeException. Otherwise, use a TwineException in order to keep track of source position information.


public void __printOn(TextWriter out)
               throws IOException
Enabled: A TwineException just prints as 'problem: '