Package org.erights.e.elib.util

ELib support classes


Interface Summary
DeadManSwitch Untamed: A DeadManSwitch is defined informally as anything that overrides the MirandaMethod __reactToLostClient/1 in order to actually react to this notification.
OneArgFunc Untamed:

Class Summary
ClassCache Untamed: A performance optimizing hack: by hanging onto classes that are looked up by name, we can spare Java's overhead if they ever have to be looked up again.
ConditionLock Untamed:
DynamicMap Untamed:
DynamicMapEnumeration Untamed: An Enumeration of the elements of a DynamicMap object.
HexStringUtils Untamed:
IdentityFunc Untamed: Just returns its argument
Once Untamed: An encapsulating forwarder around a OneArgFunc that only passes the first call through.

Exception Summary
AlreadyDefinedException Untamed: AlreadyDefinedException - broken out to please the Symantec Cafe Compiler
ArityMismatchException Untamed: ArityMismatchException - broken out to please the Symantec Cafe Compiler
TwineException Safe: If an E program throws a non-Exception object, a TwineException or RuntimeException is actually thrown using E.toTwine(problem) to convert the object into the exception's message.

Package org.erights.e.elib.util Description

ELib support classes

Mark S. Miller, Chip Morningstar