Package org.erights.e.elib.vat

Class Summary
AWTProblemHandler As mandated by JDK1.3's java.awt.EventDispatchThread#handleException(Throwable)
AWTRunnerEvent For scheduling PendingEvents (vat turns) on the AWT Event Queue at the low priority (PaintEvent.PAINT), which is "supposed" to be for repaints.
BootRefHandler There is one boot-comm-system per JVM, and all boot-refs (all Refs handled by a BootRefHandler) are part of that one comm system.
BootRefIdentity Used to represent the identity of a PassByProxy object in the boot-comm-system.
BootShuttle Untamed: Use with caution -- a BootShuttle passes through the boot-comm-system as if it's a DeepPassByCopy object.
DeadRunner To shutdown a Vat is to merge it into a DeadRunner.
HeadlessRunner A redirectable Runner, mostly for internal use.
PendingCall Used for
PendingDelivery A PendingDelivery is a Runnable that will run() a single delivery event.
PendingRun Just wraps a Runnable to enqueue it for execution with debugging info turned on.
Queue Safe: A conventional fifo queue in which dequeued items are removed in the same order they were enqueued.
Runner Untamed:
SacrificialComponent Exists just to be the do-nothing source of AWTRunnerEvents.
SendingContext Untamed: Records the context it was created in, so that it can be included in a later report.
SWTRunner A Runner executing in an SWT event loop.
SynchQueue Untamed: A SynchQueue is a thread-safe Queue, providing its own lock, and a blocking dequeue() operation.
Vat Untamed: A Vat is a disjoint partitioning of objects.
WeakPtr Untamed: The E-equivalent of WeakReference.