Class SacrificialComponent

All Implemented Interfaces:
java.awt.image.ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable

class SacrificialComponent
extends Component

Exists just to be the do-nothing source of AWTRunnerEvents.

Mark S. Miller, Terry Stanley

Field Summary
(package private) static SacrificialComponent THE_ONE
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Constructor Summary
private SacrificialComponent()
Method Summary
protected  AWTEvent coalesceEvents(AWTEvent existingEvent, AWTEvent newEvent)
          Potentially coalesce an event being posted with an existing event.
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Field Detail


static final SacrificialComponent THE_ONE
Constructor Detail


private SacrificialComponent()
Method Detail


protected AWTEvent coalesceEvents(AWTEvent existingEvent,
                                  AWTEvent newEvent)
Description copied from class: Component
Potentially coalesce an event being posted with an existing event. This method is called by EventQueue.postEvent if an event with the same ID as the event to be posted is found in the queue (both events must have this component as their source). This method either returns a coalesced event which replaces the existing event (and the new event is then discarded), or null to indicate that no combining should be done (add the second event to the end of the queue). Either event parameter may be modified and returned, as the other one is discarded unless null is returned.

This implementation of coalesceEvents coalesces two event types: mouse move (and drag) events, and paint (and update) events. For mouse move events the last event is always returned, causing intermediate moves to be discarded. For paint events, the new event is coalesced into a complex RepaintArea in the peer. The new AWTEvent is always returned.

coalesceEvents in class Component
existingEvent - the event already on the EventQueue
newEvent - the event being posted to the EventQueue
a coalesced event, or null indicating that no coalescing was done