Class RefGuardSugar

All Implemented Interfaces:
Auditor, Guard, Marker, Persistent, Serializable, SlotGuard, ValueGuard

public class RefGuardSugar
extends ClassDesc

Untamed: Refines the 'coerce/2' behavior of the Ref type, so that it may be useful as a ValueGuard (and as a SlotGuard).

The E programmer is never expected to see 'Ref' as a type, since this wouldn't be meaningful in E. Rather, this guard behavior is supported so that other values are coerces to NearRefs on deflection, when 'Ref' is used as a parameter of return type in a Java interface.

Mark S. Miller
See Also:
Serialized Form

Field Summary
(package private) static long serialVersionUID
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Constructor Summary
RefGuardSugar(Class clazz)
          Enabled: @param clazz must be Ref or a subtype
Method Summary
 Object subCoerce(Object specimen, OneArgFunc optEjector)
          Enabled: If specimen isn't already a Ref, wrap it in a NearRef.
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Field Detail


static final long serialVersionUID
Constructor Detail


public RefGuardSugar(Class clazz)
Enabled: @param clazz must be Ref or a subtype

Method Detail


public Object subCoerce(Object specimen,
                        OneArgFunc optEjector)
Enabled: If specimen isn't already a Ref, wrap it in a NearRef.

subCoerce in class ClassDesc