Package org.quasiliteral.quasiterm

Class Summary
QAstro Untamed:
QAstroArg Untamed:
QAtHole Untamed: An at-hole of a quasi-literal term expression extracts the specimen into a binding.
QBuilder Untamed:
QDollarHole Untamed: A dollar hole of a quasi-literal term expression is filled in with a substitution arg.
QFunctor Untamed: A quasi-literal functor of a Term.
QHole Untamed: Represents a dollar-hole ("${}") or an at-hole ("@{}") that may be a functor-hole or a term-hole, and that may or may not insist on a tag.
QSome Untamed:
QTerm Untamed: A quasi-literal Term, that matches or generates an actual Astro.
QuasiMetaBuilder Untamed: Wraps an AstroBuilder in order to represent a quasi-term-tree in terms of a term tree.