Package org.quasiliteral.syntax

Interface Summary
LexerFace Untamed:
LineFeeder Untamed: Where the lexer gets its input from, one line of Twine at a time.

Class Summary
BaseLexer Untamed: To be replaced with a lexer based on Antlr.
FileFeeder Untamed: A FileFeeder reads its input from a Reader which it assumes starts at the beginning of line 1 in the text unit (file?) described by the Url.
Indenter Untamed: Keeps track of indentation info for BaseLexer's subclasses and clients.
ReplayLexer Untamed: The large number of bogus messages in this class is a symptom of a need to refactor.
TwineFeeder Untamed: For feeding in one line of Twine at a time taken from a dynamically provided Twine source.
URIKit Safe: This class provides some conveniences for manipulating E URI-tokens.

Exception Summary
NeedMoreException Untamed: Thrown if the input end sooner than expected, to suggest how much the next line of input should be indented.
SyntaxException Untamed: Thrown if there's a grammatical error in the input.